The Active PPI Team Members

Steve Hodgson - Founder/Investigator

Since he was a young child, Steve has been exposed to the paranormal. He remembers the story his grandmother told him of the day his uncle had died suddenly and his picture flew off the bureau and smashed into pieces in her house. While growing up, Steve remembers sitting in a church hall and waving to a church worker who was walking by and realizing he had passed away at least 3 years earlier. In Indiana, he saw his grandmother when she passed away be wheeled by him by a nurse. Problem was she had just passed away in NYC. Ever wonder what that noise was in the dead of the night in the other room? Ever think you heard someone say something though no one had? Ever though you saw something but nothing was there? Ever want answers to those questions? Now it is time to leave my head and let me search for answers...Steve has been seeking answers to this "unknown" for most of his adult life. Steve is also a published author.

Jennifer Hodgson - Founder/Investigator

A native of Indiana, Jennifer has always been sensitive to paranormal events and activities. At an early age, she was taught about different things by a Native American neighbor. At the age of 7 she saw a woman appear in her doorway almost on a nightly basis. As she got older she had other experiences that she couldn't explain, she would know things that she was never told not just about the living but also the dead. It wasn't until the death of a loved one that she fully accepted her abilities. With all the things that has taken place, all the things she has heard, seen and just known has increased her passion for the paranormal and the other side. Jennifer is also a certified Reiki Master, Past Life Practitioner, tarot/oracle reader, intuitive, spiritual coach, business coach and mentor. Jennifer is also a published author.

Elvin Potter - Investigator

Elvin is from Ohio and has been interested in the paranormal since an experience as a child where he saw a male looking apparition walking up the stairs in his home. He has very recently lived in a very active house he says. His wife agrees. He always tries to debunk and find logical reasons for any strange occurrences.

Shawna Potter - Investigator

Shawna has lived in Middletown Ohio most of her life. Her father died suddenly when she was a teenager and since has always been interested in the paranormal. She lived in a very active house where they always heard talking & pictures would come of the wall without explanation. She is very logical in her approach to investigating.

Robyn Davis - Investigator

Robyn has been interested in the paranormal for as long as she can remember. She likes to find logical explanations for the unexplained, but when none exist, she is even more curious about finding the truth.

Missy Foist - Investigator

Missy has aware of the paranormal since she was a young child. She had many experiences having both seen and heard things that she could not explain. She has always been very interested in learning all she can about the paranormal and being able to provide evidence that there is more to what most people see and hear on a daily basis.

Terry Foist - Investigator

Terry is a native of Indiana who has had his own experiences over the years with the paranormal. He has been interested in looking for the logical reasons for what is seen or heard before he will say it is unexplained. But, once there is no explanation for it, then that just peaks his interest that much more to explain the unexplainable.

Kimberly Zonaras - Investigator

Hailing from Ohio, she is thrilled to be a part of PPI. Kim has been interested in the paranormal all her life. As a child living in a house haunted by a previous owner, experiencing a full body apparition as a young pregnant wife, to recently living in a very active home for 12 years. She is interested in all things paranormal and the history behind the stories. A believer; but always looking for the logical in the illogical.

Tracy Whited - Investigator

One of our newest members of the PPI Family. Tracy has been interested in the paranormal since experiencing a haunting while attending college. She has a healthy skepticism and is a truth seeker with an open mind.

Jake Davis - Investigator

Jake is a southern Indiana native, a business owner, and takes a logical approach to his investigations. Jake is a healthy skeptic about the paranormal activities happening around him. He interested in finding the truth about paranormal claims.