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               I have enjoyed speaking with everyone about the paranormal and I am looking forward to being on their
               channels again.

               This year Steve and I went to a couple of different events pertaining to the paranormal. One took place
               in Kentucky. This event, MidSouth, was hosted by Keith Age. We met with several friends, laughed a lot,
               ate way too much but had an amazing time. I always like to purchase crystals especially from Nora
               Custer, her shop is called Charmed Crystals and you can find her on Etsy under this name. Here are some
               photos from the event:

                                           Photos by Steve Hodgson© Founder of PPI

                                                 Scott Tepperman, Jim O’Rear

               Jennifer Hodgson, Christopher St. Booth, Rachel Booth, Steve Hodgson in the first photo, Steve Hodgson,
               Bill Bean and Jennifer Hodgson in the 2  photo
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