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Investigations, Interviews, and Paracons

               Over the summer our group has done a couple of public investigations, one at Poasttown Elementary,
               located in Middletown Ohio and another Higginsport School, also located in Ohio.  While we have
               investigated Poasttown Elementary before it was a first at Higginsport School and more than likely will
               be the last unless of course the building is in much better shape than what it was when we were there.
               Our members who were at the Higginsport School investigation did have some personal experiences and
               while we did find some interesting things we won’t say 100% that it’s class “A” evidence.  With open
               windows noises could have come from outside. Listed below is a link to a video about this location:


                                                 Photo By: Jennifer Hodgson©

                                                        Founder of PPI

               Poasttown Elementary doesn’t disappoint when it comes to activity. Not only do investigators
               experience things while there but the owners Darrell and his wife has experiences daily. If you are
               interested in investigating at this location or more information contact Darrell:

               Listed below is a link to some footage of our investigation:

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