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time lemonade, “heartkeeper” with a hand painted anatomical ribcage on top that smells like spiced
               raspberries and Wednesday Addams with her tailor‐made scent…and more to come! I’ve also just
               launched the first realm journeying candle, designed to help portal you to the underworld!

               Jenn: Where can people find you?

               Joey Morris:




               Shown below are some of the products that you can purchase. Each item is made when ordered. For
               custom orders Joey takes the time to get to know what it is you are looking for. If she is creating an item
               for a deity that you work with, she can tap into that energy and creates the most beautiful amazing
               items. The energy from each item is pure, it’s mesmerizing.

                                                Photos Courtesy of Joey Morris©

                                                 Owner of Starry Eyed Supplies

                Written by: Jennifer Hodgson©
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