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I also author blog pieces at concerning all spiritual matters and have a
               YouTube channel where I video everything from serious shadow discussion, interviews with other
               witches and spiritual pathwalkers, down to visual videos such as altar tours and silly thing like witchy


               Jenn: Was it always your dream to own a business?

               Joey Morris: I always wanted to be like the shop keeper in the craft so yes it was kind of always my
               dream, although originally, I wanted to be a lawyer. That changed as I saw the mentality of most people
               involved in law school alongside trauma in my family personal life that changed who I was forever.

               Jenn: How did Starry Eyed Supplies Come about?

               Joey Morris: I created Starry Eyed Supplies because of demand. I was creating spell items for myself as
               part of my path as well as part of my personal healing and people were wanting to buy them. So, I went
               ahead and created the store, and never looked back, it felt like tapping into my soul path or calling, and
               always has done!

               Jenn: Why the name Starry Eyed Supplies?

               Joey Morris: Starry Eyed Supplies as a name came from an experience I had as a teenager. I was picked
               on by a boy mercilessly for years, he made me miserable, picking on me. Eventually he confessed he was
               in love with me and called me a girl with stars in her eyes, a starry eyed lil lady.
               So, I apologized to him and said I could not be with him because of the nastiness, but the name stayed
               with me because it reminded me that even when people are awful to us, we might not understand their
               true motivations and it’s best to always be true to ourselves.

               Jenn: What kind of products do you sell? Can you customize an order?
               Joey Morris: Everything witchy! Candles of many types including the Starry Eyed Supplies original spell
               cauldron, starry smudges, spell oils, anointing perfumed oils, pyrographed Ogham sets, spell sets, crow
               poppets, spell pendants, beeswax salves, spell orbs., anything and everything that comes from my
               imagination. I also do plenty of custom work so most things are completely viable!

               Jenn: Any news you would like to share with our viewers?

               Joey Morris: Halloween is well on the way at Starry Eyed Supplies and we’ve just launched Morticia and
               Wednesday Addams spell items for Halloween with more to come! There are 4 new Halloween votives,
               “Bump in the night!” A gorgeous salted caramel and pistachio votive, “Ghostlight” which smells like old
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