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Featured Business: Starry Eyed Supplies

               Throughout the year as I purchase products, take courses and read numerous books I like to promote
               and share with others my thoughts on these items or courses. In this issue of our newsletter I will be
               sharing with you a business that is in the UK. I have purchased numerous items from Starry Eyed
               Supplies and the quality has always been top of the line. Not only do they look beautiful but they smell
               amazing. Well worth the money for the products and other items that Joey Morris creates.

               I was lucky enough to be able to ask Joey Morris some questions and I would love to share with all of

                                                Photo Courtesy of Joey Morris ©

                                                 Owner of Starry Eyed Supplies

               Jenn: Please tell our viewers a little about yourself?

               Joey Morris: My name is Joey Morris, I’m a Celtic witch and follower of the Goddess Morrigan, founder
               and CEO of Starry Eyed Supplies, a company that creates spiritual items with soul and plenty of shimmy!
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