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Noises, Bumps and Other Happenings, Paranormal or Not?

               As the temperatures get a little cooler and we all begin to gather inside for football, chili, hot chocolate
               and get out the decorations for fall our attention also turns to what we hear inside of our own home.
               You start to notice the noises or maybe you see a door open, is it normal or is it paranormal?

               September is the month when our phone begins to ring a lot or we receive a lot of emails from families
               in a panic over what they are hearing or seeing in their home. Most of the time by the time that I have
               spoken with the homeowner and suggested a few things to check they are normally at ease. I always
               encourage people to make sure that there isn’t another reason for the sounds or the door opening. Is
               the floors level? What type of cabinet is it that’s opening? Is it an appliance that makes this type of
               noise, is there a vent right where you feel a cold spot? Even if it’s shadows, check to make sure that it’s
               not from the trees in the yard or cars passing by your home. Most of the time there is an explanation for
               what you might be experiencing in your home, when it’s not then it’s time to dig a little deeper.

               The next step is finding a group near where you live, someone who you feel are professional and can
               help you. Our group receives phone calls and messages from around the United States and as much as
               we would love to travel from state to state helping people it’s just not possible.

               Here are some things when looking for a group:

               Make sure that the group has done private investigations. What I mean by private is they have
               investigated other people’s homes or business and not just investigated public locations. Nothing wrong
               with doing public investigations. It’s a great way to try out new equipment and to train new members as
               well as have fun with your team. You just also need to know that they take things seriously as well.
               Check out their Facebook page if they have one, do they talk about their investigations if they do homes
               or a business? Do they share other information that you may wish to keep private? If they do and that’s
               not ok with you, I suggest you keep looking. Our group doesn’t talk about private home or business
               investigations with people outside of our group. It’s not professional to do and we want homeowners to
               feel safe and protected.
               Do they allow children under the age of 18 to take part in investigations? If you want your children to be
               part of the investigation that’s up to you and the group. Our group doesn’t allow this and we will turn
               around and leave if your children are present when an investigation is set up. Why is this our policy? You
               never know what will or could happen at an investigation. Do you really want to take that chance of
               your child being hurt? I can tell you for a fact that our investigators have had things happen to them at
               investigations such as being attacked by a dog or cat, being scratched, being pushed down the stairs and
               other things. Do you want your child to be even more afraid of their home?

               Do they charge for an investigation? If the answer is yes, run!! You should never be charged for an
               investigation. Our group will never charge someone who needs help. Even when we have traveled to
               Tennessee to help a family in need. No money was exchanged. If you want to give them gas money or a
               tip that is for you and the group to work out. Our group has never accepted money for any reason.
               Don’t settle on a group out of fear, the group you bring into your home may do more harm than good.
               Keep an open mind but also be aware that not every group has your best interest at heart.
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